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System & Data Protection

Paragon Protect & Restore provides unified backup and disaster recovery for physical and virtual environments. In the event of a system failure, fast, reliable recovery is critical. Based on either block-level backups (snapshots) or file-level backups, using full or incremental backup, Protect & Restore allows you to restore a critical system or data fast and reliably, getting your business back online with the minimum possible downtime.


Simplifying data protection:

  • Agent-based Backup - an agent residing on each target machine interacts with the infrastructure and performs the backup tasks.
  • Agent-less Backup – VMs do not require installation of additional software. VMs are supported directly via VMware’s APIs as a result of Paragon’s Elite status in VMware TAP.
  • Block-level Backup – backup an entire physical machine or individual files or folders – any machine on the network, physical or virtual.
  • Full and Smart Incremental Backup – use this wizard to design backup policies that optimize protection for backup speed, recovery time and resource efficiency.
  • Automatic exclusion of unnecessary data - speeding up backups, while significantly minimizing storage requirements.
  • Protect & Restore System Protection Wizard - for protecting single physical servers and workstations instantly.
  • Flexible Scheduling Mechanism/Near CDP - protection policies can be scheduled from every minute to a particular day, week, month, etc.
  • Paragon VHD (pVHD), optimized for storing backups of physical and virtual machines - it′s a cutting-edge backup image format that provides exceptional security, compression ratio, and integrity control.
  • Centralized Management - an easy-to-use management console saves time and prevents errors when creating backup and retention policies or performing backups.

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"Paragon’s backup and restore software has proven itself many times over with quick, easy and reliable recoveries."
Doug Dragich,Systems Engineer
at Rand Worldwide

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