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Disaster Recovery

Ensure business continuity with Paragon Software’s portfolio of cutting-edge backup and recovery solutions. Minimize downtime of virtual and physical machines and significantly reduce network load and storage requirements. With low prices, flexible and scalable licensing, and minimal administrative overhead, Paragon Protect & Restore will lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your backup and disaster recovery operations.


Virtual Machine Protection

Implement fast and reliable, agentless backup and replication of your mission-critical applications, servers or workstations running in a virtual environment.

Bare-Metal Recovery

Reduce downtime through quick and reliable bare-metal restore to similar or dissimilar hardware.

System and Data Protection

Perform full and incremental backups, restore to dissimilar hardware, or instant restore to a VM. Furthermore, Paragon’s Smart Backup Strategies, preconfigured backup policies within PPR, jumpstart your company’s backup plan.

System and Data Migration

Achieve seamless migration of physical or virtual environments.


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"Paragon’s backup and restore software has proven itself many times over with quick, easy and reliable recoveries."
Doug Dragich,Systems Engineer
at Rand Worldwide

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